Rob Bacon


Rob Fonksta Bacon

Congratulations to Guitarist Rob Bacon, who will be part of the new THE ARSENIO HALL SHOW 2013 when he reintroduces one of the signature elements of the original late-night series, The Posse, with an all new hand-picked group of musicians who have collectively played with legends spanning pop, soul, funk, hip hop, rock and R&B.

As a producer, songwriter and musician, live instrumentation would be the core element in Rob’s musical identity. As well as performing alongside musical Icons such as Stevie Wonder, George Clinton, Brian McKnight and Mariah Carey, Rob has graced stages across the world in the capacity of Musical Director for Award Winning Artists such as Destiny’s Child, Anastacia, Monica, Stacie Orrico, Raphael Saadiq and others. Rob’s touring catalog is extensive, crossing genres and crossing boarders with a multitude of well known recording artists.

A native of Detroit, Michigan, Rob Bacon launched his career in the music industry immediately following graduation from high school. With a one-way ticket in his hand and a guitar strapped across his back, this then, seventeen year-old kid, was headed for California in pursuit of his dream.

Upon his arrival in Los Angeles, Rob had no idea of the obstacles he would overcome or the challenges he would endure to reach his level of achievement. Influenced by the sounds of Curtis Mayfield, Jimi Hendrix, Sly Stone, Funkadelic and Prince, among others, it became immediately apparent to Rob that the road to success would require sacrifice and determination.

Working in recording studios during the day and taking session jobs at night, Rob’s talent and drive did not go unnoticed. The “Bacon” sound began to grace the tracks of many R&B, POP and Hip-Hop artists and Rob began to build a name for himself as a “self-Produced” guitarist. Artists and Producer’s who call upon Rob to play on their tracks, knew that what they would be getting was whatever the track moved Rob to play. Overlaying track after track with his signature guitar licks, Rob quickly became a producer’s best kept secret.

The 90’s would launch him at the forefront of the West Coast rap game where he, alongside longtime accomplice, DJ Quik, would marry the art of Rap with live musicianship in lieu of sampling. From this epic emerged the tag “Fonksta” which signifies and continues to represent his presence in some of today’s hottest music.