This Christmas

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Matilda Madison’s debut holiday single “This Christmas” written by both Roger and Matilda will introduce their brand of music to the public and Matilda’s style to new fans.

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Little Drummer Boy

Featuring music from the holiday album “A Joyful Noise”

Mark your calendar, Sunday December 22nd 6:30pm, for the 2nd Annual Christmas show. Please join me, Gregory Wachter Manning, Wally Minko, Reggie Mcbride, Ron Powell, Melanie Taylor, and surprise special guests to welcome the holidays.

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Bring your family and friends. Kids welcome too!

Terry Wollman’s latest holiday release “A Joyful Noise” combines his signature eclectic instrumentation and fresh takes on holiday classics (plus 2 originals) along with a star-studded roster of his friends and world class musicians. A showcase for his unique arrangements, this audiophile quality album was mixed by Grammy Award winning Peter Kelsey and mastered by the legendary Bernie Grundman.


Elin Bemark as Sherrie

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“I’m so happy, thankful, proud, excited and I can´t wait! Finally I was the girl they were looking for. Feels amazing.”

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Congratulations to Elin Bemark who landed the lead and will play the role of Sherrie Christian in the Swedish production of the Broadway Play “Rock of Ages”. The premiere is scheduled for January 23, 2014 at Rondo Theatre in Gothenburg Sweden. Rock Of Ages is a warm, wild and super fun musical, filled with rock’ roll hits and power ballads as Don’t Stop Believin’, We Built This City, The Final Countdown, Wanted Dead or Alive, Here I Go Again, Can’t Fight this Feeling and I Want To Know What Love Is.

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Souls United – Reloaded

Gianni Vancini – SOULS UNITED RELOADED from Gianni Vancini on Vimeo.

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Introducing Italian saxophonist Gianni Vancini

[spacer size=”10″]We are proud to present to you our new client Italian sax-man Gianni Vancini. In 2011 he released his first album entitled ”SOULS UNITED” co-produced with Thomas Bank and recorded in Amsterdam. Various artists participated in the recording process of the album. Gianni shared his special appreciation to Eric Marienthal, Umberto Tozzi and Andrea Mingard for all their support during our recent conversation.

Gianni just released the title cut single from his forthcoming fall CD “Get Your Groove On”. A funky soul jazz experience that will make your head bop and body groove. “We went back to the roots and cut the track live with a stellar rhythm section featuring Ricky Lawson, Alex Al, Sheldon Reynolds, special guest Kenya Hathaway and producer Greg Manning.”

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While preparing the campaign for Gianni’s new single we thought we would ask him a few questions regarding his musical influences and his vision for the future.

Describe your sound and approach to music
I would describe my sound as a POP/Funk feeling with a little bit of “Old School” in it. Sometimes (depending on the song) there’s a little bit of my classical roots coming out too!!  The Smooth Jazz description or format is the coolness of blending all the other elements together.

When did the light blub shine bright in you to be a touring musician?
GV: When I first saw people having fun while I was playing!! I knew!

Who have been some of your teachers and / or influences?
GV: Maceo Parker, Charlie Parker, Eric Marienthal, Gerald Albright, Kirk Whalum, Stan Getz, Miles Davis, Michael Brecker, Bob Berg, Bob Franceschini, James Brown, Hank Crawford, David Sanborn, Ray Charles, BB King, Eric Clapton.

Do you recall the first jazz album you bought?
GV: Oh yea! “Kind of Blue” – Miles Davis

What is your philosophy when it comes to teaching students?
I love my students to first enjoy the music they are playing and to try to understand the origins of that particular style. Of course the technical part is also important (notes, scales, etc), but I totally believe in the LESS IS MORE philosophy.. Everyone can play tons of fast notes, but very very few are able to put the right note in the right time and place!![spacer size=”10″]

Do you have a vision of your dream bandOr any artists in particular you would like to work with?
GV: I think I already played with my dream band, It was during the recording of my forthcoming “Get your groove on” album!! Ricky Lawson (drums), Alex Al & Darryl Williams (bass), Sheldon Reynolds & Darryl Crooks (guitars), Greg Manning (keys). Should I ask more?? This project has been magical working with these guys.

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Do you have any favorite performance venues? (Be it that you are traveling all the time)
I have quite a few favorite venues: Olympia in Paris, Casino Rama in Toronto and Spaghettini’s in California. Olympia for what it represents and of course because if you are playing there it means that you are in Paris (love it!!), Casino Rama for the acoustics and the top-level gear I’ve always found. Spaghettini’s!! in Orange County, CA. I’ve had the chance to play there a couple of times. It’s a great jazz club and the audience is always looking for very good music, that’s what makes you play better!!

[spacer size=”10″]Who are you listening to while you travel?
This is just to name a few that are on my A rotation list between my devices
James Taylor – Live at the Beacon Theater – Columbia
Diana Krall – Live in Paris – Verve
EWF – Live in Montreaux – Eagle Rock E.
Maceo Parker – My first name is Maceo – Minor Music
Brecker Brothers – The return of the Brecker Brothers – GRP

Do you have a favorite recording in your discography and why?
GV: Donald Fagen – The Nightfly. I can’t find any gaps, the perfect album under every aspect!!

Do you have a favorite song that stays in your head?
GV: Funny you would ask that because It’s an Italian song from ’69 entitled “Ma cos’hai messo nel caffè”.. I was so used to sing it that we decided to cover it, you will find it on my new album project coming in the fall 2013!!

How would you describe the state of jazz today?
GV: I think jazz today is moving very fast. I’m thinking of the “smooth jazz” format, there might be some changes in the near future, I can feel it!! I believe people are looking for more depth in the music, while enjoying the sounds.

What do you think is required to keep jazz alive and growing?
GV: To be innovative and brave enough to keep trying new stuff!

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[spacer size=”10″] What is in your near future?
I’m now touring with two Italian singers at the same time; Andrea Mingardi and Umberto Tozzi, this is going keep me busy for while!! September 22nd to 29th I will be on the Dave Koz Friends at Sea Cruise, I can’t wait for it!!! I am also working on one of my passions (cooking) to combine with the music I make. It’s part of my “Souls United Reload” movement.

What do you think is the most important thing you are contributing musically?
GV: My own brand and hybrid of global music, being true to myself, my soul and my influences. I’m trying to develop the communication between the guys on the stage with me as much as I can and the special relationship between my audience. If you are having real fun playing It’s automatic that listeners will enjoy the show as well! The idea of “Souls United” speaks for it’s self and we are reloading now to go further with the concept.

Did you know… 
GV: …that I love to cook Italian pasta?? And there’s a rumor that I can do it pretty well…; I am working on something very special to address this passion for food. I think you have the trailer for it.

If I weren’t a jazz and soul musician, what would I be?
GV: A Restaurant owner, of course it would be all about traditional Italian stuff! (never say never!!!)[spacer size=”30″]


La Exclusive Music Experience

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A once in a lifetime opportunity to meet and mingle with Los Angeles top musicians and producers.

The LA Music Experience offers musicians and vocalists a unique opportunity to exchange, learn about and enjoy the lifestyle in Hollywood, the capital of the entertainment business. Experience the inner workings of the music industry and get a taste of all the elements involving your personal passion for music and burning desire to advance your own career.

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10 days in Hollywood living your dream!

LAEME attendees will spend 10 days exploring and visiting Los Angeles’s best performance venues, private home/recording studios, legendary rehearsal facilities and more. The LA Music Experience offers you an in-depth view into the lifestyle and work ethics of artists, musicians, producers and music business professionals in LA.

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For musicians, by musicians, with musicians!

This is a rare opportunity to meet, mingle and learn from top Los Angeles musicians and vocalists who are fulfilling their dreams and, in some cases, making history in the entertainment industry. You will establish new relationships and acquire memories that will last a lifetime. Imagine getting to play and hang with LA’s best!

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Next experience coming this summer/fall

Each day you will meet LA musicians who will share and provide you with invaluable insights about the pace and the lifestyle of being a professional studio, touring and recording musician. The Los Angeles Music Experience will be hosted by veteran music manager Myron Bernard and music producer, percussionist and entrepreneur Eric McKain.


For more information, please visit our website »

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Team Inspiration

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Motivate & inspire your team.

When it’s all about your success, why should anyone on your team get excited? As an artist everything emanates from you. This is a fact that so many artist forget. It’s your dream that your team is helping YOU to create and achieve your goals.

The working and creating process doesn’t stop with the music or the performance. Your team players are motivated to help expand your career. A career that is very much determined by how much you value yourself and how much you value them.

Inspire everyone to help you get to where you believe you want to be. By having a vision that you want to aspire to helps to enhance the vision that your team has for you.  As an artist, you have a responsibility to let everyone on your team be reminded about their valued towards your success. That you are not taking their time and work for granted but that you appreciate them and are motivated by their value and expertise.

It’s important to know who “has your back” vs someone who is just there for the money. So many artist and creatives don’t realize the time and energy that is placed into advancing their career. The various team-mates job may seem easy and simple, but in most case it is more to the task than it seems.

Motivation is really the key to overcome the barriers of your success. You have to maintain your focus in order to break through the barriers and meet each goal. Your personal state of motivation is the key of success towards every goal that you set.
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