Terry Wollman: A Joyful Noise


Terry Wollman debuts his first ever Christmas Album  “A Joyful Noise. Available for downloadon iTunes Nov 1.


Producer Scott Erickson and Artist Alexander Acha

All through the process of recording Alexander Acha’s latest album “La Vida Es” in Los Angeles with Producer Scott Ericson, Alexander carried around a video camera and recorded EVERYTHING! Alexander edited this together and it’s now up for you all to see what happened during all those months last year.

With stellar musicians Lee Sklar, Tim Pierce, Randy Kerber, Lisa Dondlinger, Jeff Nathanson, Alejandro Carballo, Prague Symphony Orchestra and more.

Ricky Z, "The Long and Dusty Road"

Ricky Z. is rocking out with his first single “Something to See” from his forthcoming album “The Long and Dusty Road”. Ricky is singing and playing guitar on the song, a fun track co-written with Rosie Casey. The single will be available to Buy on iTunes Friday February 24 and the album is released March 12.

Musicians credits:
Ricky Z. guitars, vocals, percussion.
Ed Roth wurlitzer, B3 organ.
Walfredo Reyes Jr. drums.
Bill Lanham bass guitar.


Music Evolution

The Evolution of Music

Those of us who are in the entertainment industry are seeing the day to day changes that are upon us. This is a global evolutionary shift. We are not the only industry that is growing and evolving, but as creatives we must continue to find new income sources and outlet’s to have our art forms noticed. It’s important to expand, educate and grow in any business.

Currently MyLena Entertainment is working on new ventures in the United States and Europe. We are aligning with new partners to advance the visual and documentation side of the industry as well as the audio side of our business.  Each week over the next month we will introduce you to some of our new partners and our new artist and entertainment service divisions.

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