Lynne Fiddmont - Groovy People

“Groovy People,” is Lynne’s take on the Philly Soul finger-popper from `76 penned by legendary team Kenny Gamble & Leon Huff for the late, great Lou Rawls. Making the song more her own, Lynne takes the groove in a decidedly more Motown direction, even using Diana Ross’ background singers Valerie Pinkston, Lamont Van Hook and Fred White. She also puts a deeper spin on that pesky term “groovy.”

Her rendition of “Groovy People” affirms the timeless importance of knowing who your real friends are and bundling yourself in their abundance of love.


La Exclusive Music Experience

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A once in a lifetime opportunity to meet and mingle with Los Angeles top musicians and producers.

The LA Music Experience offers musicians and vocalists a unique opportunity to exchange, learn about and enjoy the lifestyle in Hollywood, the capital of the entertainment business. Experience the inner workings of the music industry and get a taste of all the elements involving your personal passion for music and burning desire to advance your own career.

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10 days in Hollywood living your dream!

LAEME attendees will spend 10 days exploring and visiting Los Angeles’s best performance venues, private home/recording studios, legendary rehearsal facilities and more. The LA Music Experience offers you an in-depth view into the lifestyle and work ethics of artists, musicians, producers and music business professionals in LA.

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For musicians, by musicians, with musicians!

This is a rare opportunity to meet, mingle and learn from top Los Angeles musicians and vocalists who are fulfilling their dreams and, in some cases, making history in the entertainment industry. You will establish new relationships and acquire memories that will last a lifetime. Imagine getting to play and hang with LA’s best!

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Next experience coming this summer/fall

Each day you will meet LA musicians who will share and provide you with invaluable insights about the pace and the lifestyle of being a professional studio, touring and recording musician. The Los Angeles Music Experience will be hosted by veteran music manager Myron Bernard and music producer, percussionist and entrepreneur Eric McKain.


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