Monterey Jazz Festival


Some past and present clients

MyLena Entertainment, specialize in creating a blueprint and providing a backdrop of musical ambiance for our clients featuring the world’s finest and unique talent from around the world, while servicing their entertainment needs. We actively commit to securing live entertainment that suits your local and international demographic areas.
Warner Brothers International
BET Awards
BET Sound Stage
Dick Clark Productions (DIC)
Enpoint Technologies
Clearwater Jazz Festival
Hollywood Bowl
Jazz Cafe
Playboy Jazz Festival
Pasadena Jazz Festival
Missouri Black Expo/MTV
Monterey Jazz Festival
Dave Koz Smooth Jazz Cruise
Soul Train Awards
Soul Train Stockholm
Kapello Entertainment
Stockholm Fair
Nordic Entertainment
James Gang Productions
Wonderlove Productions

BlackBull Music
Quincy Productions
Universal /Motown Records
RazorEdge Records
MidLife Records
Rohobus Beach Jazz Festival
International Bassist Awards Show
The NAMM Show – Samson Technologies
Livebrand Communication