Team Inspiration

Motivate & inspire your team. When it’s all about your success, why should anyone on your team get excited? As an artist everything emanates from you. This is a fact that so many artist forget. It’s your dream that your team is helping YOU to create and achieve your goals. The working and creating process doesn’t stop with the music or the performance. Your team players are motivated to help expand your career. A career that is very much determined […]

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Producer Scott Erickson and Artist Alexander Acha

Behind the scenes with Alexander Acha while recording his album “La Vida Es” in LA.

All through the process of recording Alexander Acha’s latest album “La Vida Es” in Los Angeles with Producer Scott Ericson, Alexander carried around a video camera and recorded EVERYTHING! Alexander edited this together and it’s now up for you all to see what happened during all those months last year. With stellar musicians…

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Groovy People – Lynne Fiddmont

“Groovy People,” is Lynne’s take on the Philly Soul finger-popper from `76 penned by legendary team Kenny Gamble & Leon Huff for the late, great Lou Rawls. Making the song more her own, Lynne takes the groove in a decidedly more Motown direction, even using Diana Ross’ background singers Valerie Pinkston, Lamont Van Hook and Fred White. She also puts a deeper spin on that pesky term “groovy.” Her rendition of “Groovy People” affirms the timeless importance of knowing who […]

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