‘The Arsenio Hall Show’ Has Been Renewed For Second Season

Congratulations to  Rob “Fonksta” Bacon (lead guitar/vocals), on the ‘The Arsenio Hall Show’ renewal, is going to be sticking around, as CBS want another season. The show films at Sunset Bronson studios, Hollywood.

Rob Bacon

The “Bacon” sound and guitarist Rob Bacon, will be part of the new The Arsenio Hall Show when he reintroduces “The Posse”…

Arsenio Hall’s new POSSE

Congratulations to Guitarist Rob Bacon, who will be part of the new THE ARSENIO HALL SHOW when he reintroduces one of the signature elements of the original late-night series, The Posse, with an all new hand-picked group of musicians who have collectively played with legends spanning pop, soul, funk, hip hop, rock and R&B.