gianni vancini

Gianni Vancini

Get Your Groove On is the first single by Italian saxophonist Gianni Vancini from his follow-up album and forthcoming 2013 fall release. This funky soul jazz experience will make your head bop and body groove. “We went back to the roots and cut the track live with a stellar rhythm section: Ricky Lawson, Alex Al, Sheldon Reynolds, special guest Kenya Hathaway and producer Greg Manning.
 It was pure joy!” Born in Mirandola, Italy, Gianni has collaborated with singer/songwriter Andrea Mingardi […]

Rob Fonksta Bacon

Rob Bacon

The “Bacon” sound and guitarist Rob Bacon, will be part of the new The Arsenio Hall Show when he reintroduces “The Posse”…

Rayford Griffin

Rayford Griffin

For years, Rayford Griffin has been one of the most internationally respected as among the most inventive and versatile drummers …

terry wollman

Terry Wollman

An accomplished and multifaceted musician, guitarist, producer and composer, Terry has recorded with with world renowned artists …

Scott Erickson, Producer Composer Arranger

Scott Erickson

From Barry to Barney, Mickey to Mijares, or Shanghai to Stockholm, Scott produces, arranges and writes songs with a style …

Elin Bemark

Congratulations to Elin Bemark who landed the lead and will play the role of Sherrie in the Swedish production of “Rock of Ages”.

Ricky Z.

Ricky Z

Ricky Z. Guitarist, Composer and Producer finally steps out as an artist in his own right with his new Contemporary Blues Album…

Rob Mcdonald, Bassist, Singer, Producer

Rob McDonald

Versatility is the key component of this very talented musician, bassist, singer and producer who hails from the Motor City…